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Jul. 25th, 2013

I wish I wasn't so angry but I am. Today was ridiculous when no one is telling you what's going on and when they do there are 5 people in the room and they are all saying don't get stroppy and it's one of those thing that the job I am doing at the moment isn't a normal jobs and I am the one with the most short form knowledge but no everyone else is right.

So because I say that it's the way that the client wants it and has signed it off even though you don't agree with it doesn't make you right and certainly doesn't give you the right to go and get drunk instead of doing the job and you keep saying I will call you and you don't, you say I will go through it am you don't. Instead your balance has gone, you are obviously stoned or drunk, your colleagues are covering for you and my job isn't being done and now I am the one lying here stressed and pissed off because tomorrow I need to call my clients client and tell them they aren't getting there tapes because you refused to put them on the shorter tapes and now you aren't in tomorrow and I need to deliver the damn things.

I hope your really fucking hungover tomorrow. I cannot even tell you how many times people have covered for you when it comes to your drinking. You punched a £10,000 monitor and "it fell", your slept at work because you were working late aka I was drunk, tapes fail tech review and it the one you stayed late to finish it.

As much as I hate what I do for a living right now, you have to be fucking miserable to carry on with this job. I know you got fired soon after I started at Blue and I text Kim tonight to say I couldn't make it out and said it was due to Jim and she said is he drunk?

Anyway I give up and I don't know why I was looking forward to a short form job. I am also going to be really busy now until end of September my two projects finish in september and there aren't any new project that have been handed to me.

Mum gave me £1000 today from my granny's money and its so tempting to just go traveling. But I could just be sensible get out of my overdraft an save.

This post hasn't made me feel any better at all.

Trying to let it go....