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2+1= 4

One of the production managers on a job I am looking after sent me a message saying...

Are we delivering hdcam 1080 50i stereo M+E or so I want to know how many HDCam SR's we need.

My reply- we don't need Hdcam SR's the spec says Hdcam so we need 16 HDcam's in total.

PM- oh I see I wasn't sure if that meant we needed to deliver HDCam Sr with Dolby and 5.1

Me- walks away from computer to calm down and then show's Ewan who says...

Ewan- is that what your having to deal with?

There are no words to how stupid that sounds but for those who read this and think , I have no idea what your talking about...
There is no mention of Hdcamsr on the tech spec or 5.1 or Dolby.

Also think of it as someone saying I am going to New York. Oh right so your going to New Orleans via Nebraska. No I am going to New York oooo sorry so you should meet my friend Dick in La.

Thank you and good night!